Dylan cropped tight
Click HERE to watch the 7-minute presentation reel for the upcoming documentary about the Me2/Orchestras!

Film makers Margie Friedman and Barbara Multer-Wellin are in the final stages of documenting the Me2/ story. They have been filming for nearly two years and have hundreds of hours of compelling footage. They will join us at the end of June 2017 to film a concert featuring both the Me2/Orchestras (Burlington, VT and Boston, MA) performing side-by-side at the Flynn Center in Vermont. This will be the culmination of the documentary.

During recent site visits in Boston and Burlington, the film crew captured footage of each orchestra rehearsing and interviewed many musicians. Several of the musicians living with mental illness allowed the film crew to come to their homes and hear their stories. The crew also spent time interviewing Me2/ co-founders Ronald Braunstein and Caroline Whiddon, digging deep into their personal and professional histories.

Erik and cameraman

Please visit the website for “Orchestrating Change” to read more about this exciting project, view the presentation reel, and offer your support. You may also follow the project on Facebook.